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This page will feature contests, and special clinic events that are for registered clients only.


September is Pet Health Insurance Awareness Month! There is a contest sponsored by the PetSecure insurance company with a grand prize worth about $4000. It includes a 42″ LCD TV, 1 handheld and 1 upright Dyson vacuum, an 8 GB iPod, a 1 year subscription to both Dogs in Canada and Modern Dog magazines and 1 year of pet insurance! All you have to do is come in and fill out a ballot.

Does your pet already have pet health insurance? We want to collect and share your “True Tails” about how having pet insurance has helped you and your pet. The clinic is sponsoring our own in house contest and the best story, as judged by our PetSecure representative will win a prize.

Please send your story and a picture of your pet (if possible) to the clinic via e-mail to

All submissions will be displayed in the clinic (and online) for other pet parents to appreciate.

October and November

In October and November we are Celebrating Senior pets!

As our pets age much more rapidly than we do (about 4-5 years for each one of ours after they reach maturity for their breed), we need to pay special attention to our pets who are 7 years of age or older. This often means health exams every 6 months instead of once a year, to catch problems like dental disease and infections, suspicious lumps and sore limbs, or heart problems. Some pets may need us to look beneath the surface, using an X-ray to examine joints for painful arthritis or internal organs for changes in size. As well, checking a blood profile and urinalysis will let us detect changes in liver and kidney function, or metabolism problems like an under or over active thyroid gland, so we can start treatment as soon as possible. To help you make sure your senior pet is as healthy as possible, the clinic is offering a special discount for all our senior pets – a savings of between $60.00-$70.00 depending on which “Celebrating Seniors” wellness program is right for your pet! All programs include a comprehensive physical exam, bloodwork and urinalysis. And as an extra “thank you”, your pet will also receive a complimentary bag or case of food, selected specially for his or her needs, based on the results of the wellness program. Please contact the clinic if you have questions, would like more information about the programs or to book and appointment for YOUR special senior pet. Together, we can help them live longer, healthier, happier lives!


Calling all proud pet parents! Want to show off your furry family? Then be sure to enter our Pet Photo Contest. There are three categories, consisting of: “Best Dressed”; “Having Fun”; and “Healthy Seniors”. Entry fees are $2.00 per entry, you can enter each of your pets in any category or in all of them, but each pet can only enter once per category. Proceeds will be donated to Interval House of Hamilton, a shelter for abused women and their children, as part of their holiday “House Full of Hope” fundraising campaign. Judging will take place in early January and prizes will be awarded to the top photo in each category!

  • “Best Dressed” – Lights…. Camera…. Get your pet looking his or her spiffiest and get a great pic to show them off!
  • “Having Fun” – …Action! Get a photo of your pet having fun, or even better, you and your pet having fun together!
  • “Healthy Seniors” – As our contest co-incides with Senior Health months, we made this category just for our pets 7 years of age and over. To complete your entry, you will need to include your pet’s age and 1-2 sentences about how you are keeping him or her healthy in their golden years.

Photos can be printed (4×6 up to 8×10 sizes) and brought into the clinic (but we cannot guarantee they will be returned) or you can e-mail them to the clinic at and we will print them for you.

All entries will need your pet’s name, and the entry fee to qualify for judging and prizes. All photos received will be displayed in the clinic, much to the envy of other pet parents! Winners will also be featured on our website.

Please contact the clinic if you would like any further details, or to enter.