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Laser Therapy

The staff at Stoney Ridge Animal Hospital all know that no-one like to think of a loved one as being in pain, and that includes our furry family members. The hard part is, our pets can’t talk to us and tell us what hurts, and the signs of discomfort in our companion animals can be hard to detect. The staff at Stoney Ridge Animal Hospital are all trained to recognize the subtle signs of pain in pets, and are committed to easing your pets pain and discomfort.

There are many different conditions that can cause pain in our pets, from skin and ear infections, to surgery, to chronic conditions like arthritis. There are many ways to help relieve that pain, including gentle handling, oral or topical medications and a relatively new therapy called low level LASER therapy.

LASER therapy works by using light energy to help injured cells and tissue to heal faster. And although this sounds a bit like magic, there are many scientific studies showing improvement in pets AND people receiving LASER therapy as part of their recovery process. LASER therapy reduces inflammation at the site of an injury, and speeds lymph drainage to reduce swelling more quickly. It reduces pain, not only by reducing the inflammation, but by also stimulating the body to produce it’s own natural pain killing endorphins. The energy provided to the cells may speed the healing process by as much as 30% or more, and reduces the formation of scar tissue. The therapy is non-invasive, and pets generally do not require any sedation or anesthesia to have LASER therapy performed. In fact, most pets actually enjoy the treatment!

The therapy is individualized for every pet and condition. Depending on your pet’s condition, it may only need a single LASER treatment, such as after a minor surgery. In the case of wounds or major surgery, more than one treatment may be recommended. Some pets will need long term treatment, depending on their individual needs. Pets with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, will often start with a series of 6 treatments, and then be re-assessed by the veterinarian. LASER therapy can be performed in addition to other treatments your pet is receiving. Therapy is administered by a staff member who has undergone extensive additional training to ensure the therapy is carried out safely for your pet, and can answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

If you have any concerns that your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort, please contact your regular veterinarian for advice.

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